AT FIX our goal is to tear down obstacles of the mind and body and build a stronger physical foundation for day to day and athletic life. At FIX, we believe that getting yourself fit means first setting your own pace and then leaving those limitations behind you with each new workout. Start your journey with us today.


Meet Jeff

Bachelor of Kinesiology, Univ. of Regina
Certified Exercise Pyhsiologist, CSEP
Special Interests:

  • Grass Roots Youth Sport Development

  • High performance amateur athletes

  • Special Olympic Sports

  • Elevating generally fit people to extreme fitness levels

Jeff's approach to training is best described by three words: FUN! INTENSE! X-TREME!

In over 15 years as a Performance Trainer, Jeff has relied on this fitness philosophy to help people in his hometown achieve and exceed their fitness and sport performance goals. Jeff works with professional and special needs athletes of all levels, but his passion is delivering his personal brand of "F-I-X Fitness" to Regina's amateur youth sport participants and everyday people looking for a great workout. Jeff motivates his clients in the gym with his enthusiasm and innovative workouts. Moreover, he encourages clients to test and defy their own limits beyond the confines of a typical gym environment. He loves creating unique fitness adventures and special events focused on exercise which demonstrate first-hand that physical fitness is a lifelong pursuit that can bond families, build friendships and bring simple enjoyment to one's life. Jeff is also a proud member of his local sports community serving as a certified soccer coach with FC Regina Soccer Club.  

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