FIX Adult Class Descriptions


The F-I-X

A workout like NO other. Packed full of non-traditional, MAKE YOU WORK style movements. For all levels of fitness.

The M-I-X

Looking to get stronger? Maybe burn some calories in the process? Look no further, come give the MIX a try. A solid session to work on all areas of fitness.

Sweat Equity

Looking to get a good sweat on? Burn Calories. This session is chalked full of movements that will strengthen your heart, lungs and core.

Strength is What Strength Does

Exactly that…a slower paced full body workout, tailored to teach you to lift properly and get you stronger in the process.

Bottoms Down

A low intensity, high volume workout, with a definitive focus on lower body, core, stability and mobility.

Pump Out the Volume

A non-stop high volume, high energy full body workout that will keep you moving for the entire session.

Team F-I-X Challenge

New style. New Board. Team up with the rest of the class in a X-TREME style approach to challenge you beyond your limits! Come give this FUN-INTENSE workout a try! A must do!