Service & Pricing

PRIVATE & PERSONAL TRAINING will create a goal and needs-based session that will keep you motivated, challenged and engaged. Personal training programs are custom-made for a client's goals, needs and history. We help determine what you need so you can achieve your goals in everything from injury prevention, athletic performance, physical fitness, or simply better health. 

SEMI PRIVATE PERSONAL TRAINING at the FIX consists of you and up to 3 other individuals (who you may or may not know) sharing the cost of a personal trainer. In each session, you each do your own customized program that is tailored to your needs and goals. You may meet 1x, 2x or 3x per week. 

1 on 1 (30 minutes) 3 staff assigned
1 on 1 (45 minutes) 3 staff assigned
1 on 1 Training 4 staff assigned
2 on 1 Training 3 staff assigned
3 on 1 Training 3 staff assigned
4 on 1 Training 3 staff assigned
5 on 1 Training 3 staff assigned
6 on 1 Training 3 staff assigned


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Adult FIX Classes

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ADULT FIX ATHLETICS CLASSES offer individual attention with a group motivation while under the direction of a personal trainer (NOT a group fitness instructor). Classes are creative and varied, and closely monitored by the trainer to ensure you are progressing. You'll enjoy the shared energy of being challenged and having fun with other like-minded individuals. 

10 Pack Adult Group Training — $160.00
(Expires 75 Days from First Session)

20 Pack Adult Group Training – $300.00
(Expires 100 Days from First Session)

5 Pack - Adult Group Training — $82.50
(Expires 50 Days from First Session)

Drop In Rate — $17.50
(Expires 30 Days After the Sale Date)

Family 50 Pack — $725.00
(Expires 6 Months from Purchase Date)

All prices subject to GST

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Sport Performance Training

Sports Performance Training. At the FIX we are dedicated to safety and effectively enhancing performance through the use of advanced training techniques. We offer sport-specific programs designed for each athlete's needs, which ensures the athletes will receive personal training that is appropriate for their age, ability and goals. We are committed to offering our athletes a competitive advantage, using on the most innovative, effective and ethical training strategies. 

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Corporate Training

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Companies of all shapes and sizes are striving to make physical fitness part of their employees' lives. Aside from the proven health benefits of exercise, physically fit employees can also handle physical work tasks better, deal with stressful situations more effectively, and tend to be less susceptible to illness and injuries. Companies are discovering the positive benefits of providing workplace fitness programs. They're realizing that the tremendous financial costs associated with employee health problems can be drastically cut by proactively investing in appropriately designed corporate fitness programs. Statistics show that companies with corporate fitness programs enjoy:

  • Reduced Health Care Costs
  • Increased Productivity
  • Reduced Absenteeism
  • Decreased recruitment and retraining costs
  • Improved employee concentration, mental alertness and creativity,
  • Improved physical and emotional health leading to better employee morale.

The benefit from the employee's standpoint is improved health and energy levels, decreased body fat, and a more youthful, fit body. 

Corporate fitness programs are an inexpensive way to boost productivity, lower healthcare cost, and increase morale, while keeping employees happy. 

  • Employees get in better shape
  • Reduce Stress
  • Increase morale and camaraderie
  • Improve teamwork and internal communication
  • Boost productivity 
  • Lower healthcare costs
  • Increase employee retention rates
  • Create a "fun working environment"
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Better problem solving and mental agility
  • And offering a competitive edge
  • What better way to help your employees get fit than having a trainer come to the office?